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Abuot Ak Digitals

AK is a boutique of talented photographers and videographers that specializes in creative wedding photography and films. We strive to give you timeless photographs that celebrate your love, make your parents honored and leave your friends envious.We are based in Thanjavur, but our weddings have taken us to places all over Tamil Nadu. Whether your wedding is on an exotic island in the middle of an ocean or under a tree in your ancestral village, we would love to be there for you. We’ve done more than 250 weddings, but trust us, every time it is a different feeling that comes in. That’s the thing about love – it just gets newer every time.

Head Office :

Thanjavur Office :

2nd Street 

Karnavathi Nagar


Thanjavur  - 6

Branches :

Coimbatore office :

Ram Nagar

Cross Cut Road

Coimbatore - 4

Chennai Office :

Next to Vinayagar Temple ,


Chennai -16

Mail  :

Tel     :  04362-255912

Mob  :  094435 84874

I would love to talk to you about your needs, vision and wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the following method

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Comman FAQ

  1. Do you guys shoot for weddings outside of Chennai / Coimbatore / Trichy / Pudukottai / Thanjauvr / Tamil Nadu?
    Of course, we do! We are super fond of traveling, and we have traveled extensively across the country for Wedding shoots. From Kerala to the other side of Paris - France, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Singapore, We have been there, shot that! Please note that we expect our clients to take care of the Travel and accommodation expenses. 


  2. My Wedding is out of India, will you be able to shoot for us?
    Just tell us the date, and the venue, we will be there. Get married in a hot air balloon, under the water, why even in Mars. Wherever your wedding is, our lens will follow you. 


  3. Will you use my Wedding Pictures & Videos in your website or for Social Media promotions?
    We will, and we will also make your wedding popular. We work by referrals, and swear by the quality of our work, so it becomes important for us to showcase our talent out there. If you do not want your photographs or Videos displayed anywhere, please let us know. 

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